Student Dress Code Is Strictly Enforced

Student Dress Code


Ballet- 3 to 9 black leotard, pink or black tights, pink ballet shoes.

Ballet- 10 and up black tight, black tank top and pink ballet shoes.

Jazz & Contemporary- black leotard, pink or black tights, may wear black jazz pants or leggings, jazz shoes.

Hip-Hop- street-wear (shirt and bottoms/sweatpants), sneakers.

*Hair must be secured at all times. (not a lot of barrettes or beads) so that it is not a distraction.

*Jewelry other than small earrings is not allowed in class and should be left at home.


Hip-Hop students may wear street-wear clothing and sneakers.

Ballet- Black or white t-shirt sweat pants or leggings.


In order to attain growth within any dance discipline students must attend class on a regular basis. If an emergency arises and you need to miss class, please call The Dance Company. Students will not be included in performance choreography if repeatedly absent from class. The week of rehearsals prior to the end of year show is mandatory for all dancers performing in the show. Students must arrive promptly for class and be prepared to take class in proper attire with hair up and shoes on. Tardiness disrupts the entire class and is a hazard to the dancer’s safety. Habitual tardiness or any other disruptive behavior will result in parents being contacted regarding removing child from class. Students may not arrive at school more than 15 minutes before class and must be picked up promptly after their class is finished.


Dancers are expected to be well-behaved, courteous, honest and to abide by the rules of The Dance Company. All dancers and parents/guardians must conduct themselves in a manner that is respectful to others and themselves. They may not make comparisons to each other or speak negatively about one another or the instructors. Talking or any disruption in the classroom will not be tolerated. Students with consistent behavior problems will be sent to the Director’s office and the parents will be contacted. There will be no rough-housing or loud voices in the building. Students are expected to keep the bathrooms, dressing room, waiting areas, and classrooms neat and clean. Dancers and visitors are expected to pick up after themselves.

Pick-Up/Drop Off

Please be prompt in picking up your children. Tell your child to remain in the lobby and not outside. We are not responsible for children once they leave the building. Please do not leave your child unattended at anytime.

Communication Policy

It is extremely important to have good, positive communication between The Dance Company and our students and their families. Important class information and announcements will be sent home monthly, emailed and texted regularly and posted on our website, each week. It is each student or parent’s responsibility to check these each week to make sure you stay up to date. If you miss a class or for whatever reason do not come with your student to class, it is your responsibility to ask for weekly announcement information.